Rules For GasLite Village

As with anything in life there are rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Below Is a Highly Condensed Version of the Rules for GasLite Village



1                     It shall be the responsibility of the Resident to contact the various public utilities to arrange for utility services not provided by management for the leased premises.  Residents shall be required to put up any required deposits or utility connection fees.


1                     Residents will maintain their lots in a clean and orderly fashion and shall care for the lawns and plants thereon.  Lawnmowers, bicycles, toys and such personal items shall not be left in the yards. 

2                     It shall be the responsibility of each Resident to keep their lot clean and neat at all times.  Lawns must be mowed, trimmed, edged and watered

3                     Boats, trailers, RV’s, etc. will be stored in designated areas only. The manager will determined what is allowable.  There will be no lots available for storage.

Mobile Home Sale

1                     Any new owner must place a security deposit with Manager and must fill out application and sign rental agreement prior to sale. New residents must pass a credit/ criminal background check.

Leasing Or Rental Homes

1                     Rental homes or leased homes are not allowed in Park unless approved in WRITING by Management.


1                     All full time residents are required to have a background check prior to being allowed to reside in the Park.

2                     Residents staying in the Park in an RV for more than 2 weeks are also required to have a background check.

3                     Occupancy of the rented property shall be restricted to Resident or Resident’s immediate family as disclosed in writing to Management at the time this lease is entered into.


1                     Guests are subject to the “Park Rules and Regulations” and Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests. This is to include pet requirements as well as Park speed limit.

2                     Management shall have the right to control and prevent access to the Park of all persons which are deemed undesirable and to eject without notice any person or persons who become objectionable, create a disturbance or causes a nuisance.



1                     Disturbing noise and activities are not permitted at anytime.

2                     Quiet time is from 10:00 PM thru 8:00 AM.  Care should be take to be as quiet as possible during quiet time.

3                     Drunkenness, foul language, or any acts of immoral conduct will not be allowed.


Garbage Pickup

1                     Garbage will be picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00AM till 10:00AM.  There will be no scheduled pickup on established holidays.


Definition of dog sizes

      Small                           Size of a Yorkshire, Chi Wawa etc.

      Medium Dog                Size of a Basset Hound, Border Collie Etc. up to 35 lbs

      Large  Dog                   Anything over 50 Lbs are not permitted


1.                   Rules for pets are subject to change. At present, residents may have only three small inside pets or one medium size dog.  There can be a combination of 2 cats and one small dog, or 2 small dogs and one cat.  Residents must notify Management when the pet is brought on property. Prohibited dog breeds: Doberman, German Shepherd, Huskies, Rottweiler, and Pit Bull (These breeds would be too big to qualify as a medium dog anyway, but they are expressly prohibited at all times.)   This breed restriction also includes any guests entering Park.  Guests entering the Park with these breeds will be required to remove them from the Park premises immediately.  NO EXCEPTIONS

2.                   All pets within the Park will be either neutered or spayed.  Residents have 30 days to comply with this section.  Guests bringing in non neutered or spayed animals will  be required to keep pets inside house or vehicle at all times or remove them from the Park at Managers decision.. 

3.                   No dogs are allowed to roam, except dogs may be walked.  Cats may go outside unless they are a nuisance, and then they must live indoors.  Manager will decide whether the cat is a nuisance.   Dogs may be left outside in a fenced yard providing the owner is home. However, if the dog has a history of getting out of the yard or bothering others by his barking, biting, or fighting with other animals, the resident may be required to keep the pet inside the home or to be removed the pet from the Park permanently.  It is discouraged that dogs be staked out or tied on leash. When this proves viable (in the sole discretion of the manager), this practice will be allowed.  When the dog has a history of getting off his tie-out tether, barking, or otherwise causing a nuisance, the practice will not be allowed for that dog, who will have to be kept indoors.  The Park Manager decides in his/her sole discretion and their decision is final.

4.                   Dogs shall wear a collar and current rabies inoculation and identification tag bearing Residents name and address.  Cats owners will provide proof of inoculation.  If a “cat problem” develops, cats may be required to wear collars with ID’s and Inoculation tags.

5.                   Resident pet owners will supply Park Manager proof of current vaccination for rabies.  Any guests entering the Park with a pet is required to possess proof of vaccination and present it to the Park Manager. 

6.                   Resident agrees to at all times remove all refuse and defecation of said pet from all property including both inside and outside the lease premises. 



1                     The speed limit in the Park is 10 MPH. Those who speed are subject to a fine of $25.00 per occurrence.  Speeding will not be tolerated by Residents or their guests.

2                     NO MINI-BIKES OR MOTORCYCLES are permitted to be ridden within the Park complex except to and from work and must have approved mufflers.

3                     No automobile repairs (including changing of oil) shall be performed on the leased premises unless PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL by Park Manager..



Please Remember This is a Seniors Park

1.                   Parents are to be held responsible for any damages caused by the children of guests.

2.                   Only 2 children per household are allowed as guests unless PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL is obtained from Management. This is a seniors Park – aged 55 and older – and children are only permitted as guests.

3.                   Children must remain in their own yard.

4.                   Resident or Resident’s children, grandchildren, or guests who roam the Park, trespass on other Resident’s lots, or cause damage or nuisance will be subject to eviction.


Miscellaneous Rules

1.                   These rules and regulations are revised periodically at the discretion of the management.  When revised rules and regulations cause existing tenants to be out of compliance, the manager may use his or her discretion to find a reasonable remedy.  Some situations will be temporarily or permanently “grandfathered” in, but it is possible that other situation will have to be changed immediately.  Management will have final say in how such issues are decided.

2.                   Some situations my arise which are not anticipated by these rules, in which case management will decide what is to be done on a case by case basis.  Because of the nature of things, not all situations can be anticipated, so this is the most equitable solution.  Management will have final say in how such issues are decided.



This is a condensed version of the Park Rules.  For a complete set please contact the Park Manager.


For Further Information Contact formation Contact

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